Current Projects

This is a list of projects I’m currently working on, the date started, brief description, etc. Hopefully this will motivate me to finish outstanding projects before starting another…

Last Updated: 5-1-2016

Start Date Project Status
Aug 2017 Virtual Pinball Table
  • Legs.
  • Software
  • Backglass monitor and speakers.
  • Playfield and buttons.
May 2015 Vintage Internet Radio
  • Prepare and mount LCD.
  • Program Raspberry Pi.
  • Add rotary encoders.
  • Cover speakers and assemble.
Apr 2015 Automated BBQ/Smoker
  • Testing in progress.
  • Needs programming and assembly.
Jan 2015 LCD Coffee table
Dec 2014 Patio RGB strip lights
  • 1 Half needs to have weather proof PSU, and controller needs to be in weather proof box.




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